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PRESS RELEASE – The Jubilee Year of the Vincentian Family concludes. The message of the Superior General

Tomorrow, 25 January, the Jubilee Year of the Vincentian Family


            This is the message of the Superior General for that occasion.


To renew and deepen our relationship with the Saints, Blessed, and Servants of God of the Vincentian Family around the world as models of the Vincentian charism and spirituality” and “To renew and deepen the ‘Culture of Vocations’ ” are the next steps of the Vincentian Family’s journey.  The Superior General, Father Tomaž Mavrič, CM, indicated this in his letter “On the Threshold of the Fifth Century of the Vincentian Charism,” written at the closing of the 400th anniversary of the Vincentian Charism. The text is simultaneously both praise and thanks for what was done during this jubilee that officially concludes on 25 January. It is no coincidence that the Superior General makes his own the Pauline expression, “Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in Christ with every spiritual blessing in the heavens” (Ephesians 1:3). In his letter, he briefly recalls the many initiatives that characterized this period. Some have passed already, like the International Vincentian Family Symposium in Rome. Others are in progress like the Vincentian Family Global Initiative on Homelessness (FAMVIN Homeless Alliance), officially launched during the Symposium in Rome, and the pilgrimage of the relic of the heart of Saint Vincent de Paul. Finally, others are still to be carried out, like the Vincentian Film Festival, called “Finding Vince 400,” also officially launched during the Symposium in Rome and to be held from 18-21 October 2018 at Castel Gandolfo.

Father Mavrič looks to the continuation of the Vincentian Family’s journey in the spirit of Saint Vincent de Paul who, “when he was asked what else could he do in life, responded ‘more.’ ” The reference then to the Vincentian Family saints is in order to consider them models of spirituality and of the Vincentian charism. To do this, the Superior General of the Congregation of the Mission identifies a path for renewing veneration and recourse to the intercession of the Saints, Blessed and Servants of God, first of all in their place of origin. He suggests the organization of meetings to make them known, of pilgrimages, of celebrations, and of incessant prayer to ask for the canonization of others and new candidates for holiness. “Saints, Blessed, and Servants of God … speak or can speak to children, youth, adults, all people of today, at this time in history as role models of holiness. They are also one of the resources for new vocations to consecrated life or active lay involvement in the different branches of the Vincentian Family, in the mission of Jesus, in the mission of the Church.” Here then is the second point highlighted by Father Tomaž who invites the members of the Vincentian Family to “strive together for a renewed Culture of Vocations.” The Superior General explains that “When we look for reasons for the decline in vocations to the consecrated life, in active participation of youth and adults in the life of the Church, and in faith in some parts of the world, we often hear the following reasons: consumerism, materialism, individualism, egoism, systematic laicization of society, etc. We can call this an ‘Anti-Culture of Vocations.’ I would like to invite us to unite all our efforts at showing the children, youth, and adults of today, who are caught in this ‘Anti-Culture of Vocations,’ the beauty, attractiveness, and life-giving meaning of responding with a resounding “Yes” to Jesus’s call!” This proposal applies to everyone because, as Father Mavrič underlines, “The Culture of Vocations means an environment in which all people can discover and rediscover their reason for being on this earth, the meaning of life, the mission they are called to fulfill, the call they are invited to answer. The Culture of Vocations puts Jesus in first place, no matter if it is as a layperson or a consecrated person.” Vincentian attention to this theme places the large Vincentian Family in full harmony with the upcoming Synod as pointed out by the Superior General at the conclusion of the letter, “The beginning of the fifth century of the Vincentian Charism gives us another opportunity to make renewed efforts toward a Culture of Vocations. This is also very much in tune with the theme of this year’s Synod of Bishops, which will take place in October in Rome, ‘Young People, the Faith and Vocational Discernment.’




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PRESS RELEASE • “Finding Vince 400”: An International Film Festival and competition


“Finding Vince 400”
Castel Gandolfo, 18-21 October 2018

An International Film Festival and competition dedicated to Saint Vincent de Paul in order to promote the globalization of charity.

Deadline for participation: 28 May 2018

“Finding Vince 400” is the final initiative of the Vincentian Jubilee Year that celebrates the 400th anniversary of the birth of the Vincentian Charism. Globalizing charity, one of the recurring themes of the Jubilee, will be expressed trough the medium of cinema. This insight gave rise to the idea of organizing an International Film Festival where the main protagonist is the figure of Saint Vincent de Paul and his love for those living in poverty. The coordinator of the event, which will take place at Castel Gandolfo from 18 to 21 October 2018, will be US actor Clarence Gilyard, known to the general public for having played in the television series, Walker, Texas Ranger, among others, and in many successful films including Top Gun.

The goal of the Festival is to stimulate creativity on the theme of the globalization of charity. “Finding Vince 400” is an invitation to develop stories and spread the message of globalized charity through the art of modern storytelling. The contest, open to all, is divided into three sections and envisages that the entries in the competition be submitted by 28 May 2018.

The first section entitled “Seeds of Hope” is aimed at the “under 18”: the contestants of this section are invited to use any creative expression (story, poetry, image, sculpture, music, etc.) that inspires direct service to the poor. The artists selected by the jury will be invited to the festival and awarded a trip to Castel Gandolfo.

The second section is dedicated to screenwriters: five will win a trip to Rome and a grant to produce their screenplay for a short film. These short films will be premiered at Castel Gandolfo.

The third section will see short films or films in competition on the theme “Finding Vince 400.” The jury will select films that inspire direct service to the poor and change our vision of poverty. These films will be premiered at Castel Gandolfo during the Festival.

The only condition necessary, which unites all three sections, is the theme: service to those in poverty.

The program of the festival, in addition to the awards to the winners, will include performances and the participation of actors as judges of the competition. There will be lectures, group work, screening of short films and feature films, music and entertainment, and it will be an opportunity to meet directors and screenwriters from all over the world.

For more details about how to attend FV400 at: facebook.com/FindingVince #findingvince, #fv400. Find out how to submit at fv400.org


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PRESS KITS: 10 OCT 2017 Conference•Conferenza•Conférence•Conferencia || Rome

The Press Center of the Vincentian Family is happy to release these important materials relating to the celebration of the 400th anniversary of the founding of the religious family of St. Vincent de Paul.

These materials will aid in understanding the religious family, its history and the celebrations of this anniversary year.

Access and Download here.

El Centro de Prensa de la Familia Vicenciana se complace en publicar estos importantes materiales relacionados con la celebración del 400 aniversario de la fundación de la familia religiosa de San Vicente de Paúl.

Estos materiales ayudarán a comprender la familia religiosa, su historia y las celebraciones de este año aniversario.

Acceda y descargue aquí.

Il Centro Stampa della Famiglia Vincenziana è lieto di rilasciare questi importanti materiali relativi alla celebrazione del 400 ° anniversario della fondazione della famiglia religiosa di San Vincenzo di Paolo.

Questi materiali aiuteranno a comprendere la famiglia religiosa, la sua storia e le celebrazioni di questo anniversario.

Accedere e scaricare qui.

Le Centre de presse de la famille vincentienne est heureux de publier ces documents importants relatifs à la célébration du 400e anniversaire de la fondation de la famille religieuse de Saint Vincent de Paul.

Ces documents aideront à comprendre la famille religieuse, son histoire et les célébrations de cette année anniversaire.

Accédez et téléchargez ici.

PRESS RELEASE: Un Año Jubilar para implorar el don de la Caridad Globalizada con el sello de San Vicente de Paúl.

Del 12 al 15 de octubre en Roma, el Simposio mundial de la Familia Vicentina y el Encuentro con el Papa Francisco.

Un Año Jubilar marcado por la caridad globalizada tras las huellas de San Vicente de Paúl, este es el hilo conductor que anima a la gran Familia Vincenciana, presente en 150 países con más de 2 millones de miembros, en el año que se celebran cuatro siglos del origen del Carisma Vicenciano.

Un año intenso de rejuvenecimiento espiritual que comenzó en enero con la peregrinación del corazón de San Vicente de Paúl (de gira por Francia y continuará los próximos cuatro años en Europa y luego en todo el mundo), pasando por Bruselas en junio con la presentación al Parlamento Europeo del proyecto de la Alianza de la Familia Vicenciana con los sin hogar, cuyo lanzamiento oficial está programado para el 14 de octubre en el encuentro con el Santo Padre durante el Simposio Mundial de la Familia Vicenciana, programado en Roma del 12 al 15 de octubre.
Cuatro días de oración, reflexión, encuentro y fraternidad que reunirán en Roma, procedentes de todo el mundo, a aquellos que eligieron seguir este carisma nacido de la experiencia que vivió en San Vicente de Paúl. Este “grano de mostaza”, sembrado en 1617, ha dado como fruto la Congregación de la Misión y la Compañía de las Hijas de la Caridad, se ha ramificada en instituciones y asociaciones, convirtiéndose así en un gran árbol (Mc 4,31-32). Vuestra familia – Ha recordado el Papa en el mensaje del 400 Aniversario del Carisma Vicenciano- “comenzó con este granito de mostaza: San Vicente no quiso nunca ser un protagonista o un líder, sino “un granito”.

“Servir a Dios en los pobres, a través de la predicación del evangelio (misión) y el apoyo a los necesitados (caridad): es desde donde nace este deseo de una caridad globalizada”, dice el Padre Tomaž Mavrič CM, Superior General de la Congregación de Misión, en la víspera del Simposio de Roma, donde se esperan más de 10.000 personas de 90 países: “Será un momento de gracia para aquellos que pueden estar físicamente en Roma, pero también para aquellos que no pueden estar allí, todos estarán conectados por medios de comunicación modernos porque queremos con todo nuestro corazón que esta sea una fiesta de toda la familia vicenciana, de todos aquellos que se sientan cerca de este carisma. Ojalá se sintieran todos abrazados estos días. Juntos abrimos nuestros corazones a Jesús; Jesús hablará y nosotros responderemos porque queremos que la caridad sea globalizada y haremos todo lo posible para avanzar en esta dirección “.

Una dirección que este año ha concretizad en las más variadas situaciones: en Brasil, por ejemplo, la Familia Vicenciana escribió una carta abierta para condenar la corrupción que está destruyendo los cimientos de la sociedad del país; en la India ha decidido construir casas para las personas sin hogar; en Corea del Sur las Hermanas de la Caridad de Seton Hill han lanzado nuevos servicios para apoyar a los refugiados norcoreanos; en Haití la actividad ha comenzado a través de la presencia de dos Misioneros Siervos de la Santísima Trinidad.
“Fui forastero y me acogisteis” (Mateo 25,35). Este es el tema del Jubileo y es también el tema del Simposio durante el cual se lanzará la otra iniciativa de este Año de Gracia: el Festival Internacional de Cine de la Familia Vincenciana “FindingVince400”.

La presentación oficial del Simposio de la Familia Vincenciana tendrá lugar durante una conferencia de prensa en Roma la próxima semana (fecha, hora y métodos de acreditación serán proporcionados en la invitación que enviaremos posteriormente) durante el cual podrá conocer a los protagonistas de la iniciativa.

Elena Grazini
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Carta del Papa Francisco: http://famv.in/Francis-ESP

PRESS RELEASE: A Jubilee Year to implore the gift of globalized charity in the name of Saint Vincent de Paul

The International Vincentian Family Symposium and meeting with the Pope in Rome from 12 to 15 October

A Jubilee Year in the footsteps of Saint Vincent de Paul as a sign of globalized charity: this is the theme that animates the large Vincentian Family, present in 150 countries with over two million members, in the year in which it celebrates four centuries from the birth of the Vincentian Charism.

An intense year of rebirth and spiritual renewal begun in January with the pilgrimage of Saint Vincent de Paul’s heart (making a tour of France and, in the next four years, continuing through Europe and then around the world) and continued in June in Brussels with the presentation to Parliament of the Vincentian Family Homeless Alliance Project. Its official launch is scheduled for 14 October at the meeting with the Holy Father during this large Family’s International Symposium, planned for Rome from 12-15 October.

Four days of prayer, reflection, meetings, and fraternity will bring together in Rome, from all over the world, those who have chosen to follow this charism, fruit of Saint Vincent de Paul’s experience. “This ‘little mustard seed’ sown in 1617 developed into the Congregation of the Mission and the Company of the Daughters of Charity, branched out into other institutes and associations and became a great tree (cf. Mk 4:31-32), your Family — the Pope recalled in his message for the 400th Anniversary of the Vincentian Charism. — Everything, however, began with this little mustard seed. Saint Vincent never wanted to be a hero or a leader but a ‘little seed.’”

“To serve God in the poor, through preaching the gospel (mission) and supporting the needy (charity): everything took off from there and from there arises this desire for the globalization of charity,” as Father Tomaž Mavrič, CM, Superior General of the Congregation of the Mission, explained on the eve of the Symposium in Rome, for which some 10,000 people from 90 countries are expected. “It will be a time of grace for those who can be physically present in Rome, but also for those who cannot be here. We will all be connected thanks to modern means of communication because, with all our heart, we want this to be a celebration of the entire Vincentian Family, of all those who feel close to this charism. I want you all to feel embraced in these days. Together we open our hearts to Jesus; Jesus will speak and we will answer because we want charity to be globalized and we will do our utmost to move forward in that direction.”

A direction that in this year has come to life in a variety of situations: in Brazil, for example, the Vincentian Family wrote an open letter to condemn the corruption that is destroying the foundations of the country’s society; in India, it decided to build homes for the homeless; in South Korea, the Sisters of Charity of Seton Hill have launched new services to support North Korean refugees; in Haiti, it began its activity through the presence of two Missionary Servants of the Most Holy Trinity.

“I was a stranger and you welcomed me” (Matthew 25:35). This is the theme of the Jubilee and also the theme of the Symposium during which the other initiative of this Year of Grace will be launched: the International Film Festival of the Vincentian Family, “FindingVince400.”

The official presentation of the Vincentian Family Symposium will be held during a press conference in Rome next week during which you can get to know the key players of the initiative.

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Letter of Pope Francis to the Vincentian Family: http://famv.in/Francis-ENG

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