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PRESS RELEASE The International Vincentian Family has launched a new site to create synergy and to promote aid to charities of good willed people who provide concrete assistance to those who are in great need during this pandemic.

Unfortunately, the current COVID-19 pandemic in our world has multiplied the poverty and needs of millions of people around the globe. From the very beginning, the Vincentian Family (a movement that follows Jesus Christ after the example of St. Vincent de Paul, present worldwide through 4 million people and more than 160 christian institutions) is working tirelessly to alleviate the situation of all these people who have seen their lives worsen because of the coronavirus.

With the aim of connecting projects in need of funding from local organizations worldwide, and people of good will who wish to help financially to keep these works going, we have created a new website:


At the moment, the contents are in Spanish and English, but soon contents will be added in Italian, Portuguese, German, French, and Flemish.

The situation of those who suffer most from the calamity is a concern for everyone. Please, visit the website and learn about these projects which need your help.  If you can, please support them financially. With everyone’s help, we will succeed in defeating this pandemic and helping those in need.

Elena Grazini

Press Office


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