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Preparations continue for “Finding Vince 400” (FV400), the International Film Festival and Contest dedicated to Saint Vincent de Paul for the globalization of charity. Officially announced in Rome in 2017 during the Symposium of the 400th anniversary of the Vincentian charism, “Finding Vince 400” is a festival where the theme of the globalization of charity ​​will be presented in all artistic voices in a contest. Creators, storytellers and screenwriters are called to portray, through different artistic expressions, poverty in a new and original way. Contest participants are challenged to change the perspective of our society in the face of poverty and the new forms of deprivation that afflict women and men worldwide. Contest participants have to transmit the charism of the Vincentian Family and its goal of globalizing charity through imagination and creativity. The Festival’s organizing committee, in response to numerous requests for participation, has extended the date for submitting entries to August 31st for “Seeds of Hope” and “Short or feature film”.

Online Registrations will be available for all participants beginning May 15 at fv400.com. This site includes all information for participating and lodging during the Film Festival in Castel Gandolfo.

Participation in the “Finding Vince 400” contest is possible in one of the following three sections:

Seeds of hope“: for those under 18 years of age. The proposed theme: the service to the poor. To participate: be “Seeds of Hope” by developing the theme of “service to the poor” through creative expressions (story, poetry, painting, sculpture, music, etc.). Entries (video or images or creative work) must be uploaded to submit@fv400.org or through http://fv400.com/ before 05/28/2018. After this date, entries may still be submitted until 08/31/2018. Jury awarded artists will be invited to the festival and awarded a trip and stay in Castel Gandolfo during the duration of FV400.

Film script “Finding Vince 400”: dedicated to storytellers and screenwriters. The five best works will be awarded with a trip and stay in Castel Gandolfo during FV400 and a scholarship to produce the script in a short film. The scripts will be awarded at Castel Gandolfo between October 18 and 21, 2018. Deadline for presentation of works: 05/25/2018 and registration at fv400.org.

Short or feature film “Finding Vince 400”: for those who present a short film or a featured film. The film should be inspired by service to the poor and trying to change the perspective of our society on poverty. Jury selected artists will be awarded with a trip and stay in Castel Gandolfo during FV400.

Awards ceremony: Castel Gandolfo from October 18 to 21, 2018.

Submission Deadline: 05/25/2018 and registration at: http://fv400.com/. After 5/25/2018 a new form will allow you to submit your work until 8/31/2018.

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