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The first edition of “Finding Vince 400”, the International Film Festival dedicated to St. Vincent de Paul, will be held in October 18 through 21.

“Finding Vince 400” is the international film festival dedicated to St. Vincent de Paul: officially presented in Rome in 2017 during the Symposium for the fourth centenary of the Vincentian charism. “Finding Vince 400” is the attempt to decline the theme of globalization of charity in all artistic languages in the framework of a contest. Creatives, storytellers, and screenwriters are called to deal with the theme of poverty through several artistic expressions in a new and original way. Over three thousands of them from 109 countries have responded to the appeal launched by the great Vincentian Family that works all over the world according to the spirit of its founder, St. Vincent.

The purpose of this initiative is to give voice to new forms of audio-visual communication that help us to change our vision of poverty in our communities. It is an attempt to respond to the new demands related to poverty that haunt us throughout the world. We need to change our point of view, and go beyond our long-established traditions in order to globalize our response to poverty, that is, charity, by means of a deep attachment to the principles of Vincentian spirituality.

The “Finding Vince 400” Festival – along with the adjoining contest – will take place in Castel Gandolfo (Rome, Italy) from 18 to 21 October 2018. It will include three sections: “Finding Vince 400 – Shorts”, addressing those who will submit a short film, “Finding Vince 400 – Features”, addressing those who will submit a feature film, and “Seeds of Hope”, addressing under 18 competitors. The proposed theme is the same for the three sections: the service to the poor.

The Festival at Castel Gandolfo will also feature the North-American actor Jim Caviezel, who interpreted Jesus in The Passion of the Christ by Mel Gibson.

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