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PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania – The Vincentian Family launch “Compassionate Hearts, Generous Hands Campaign- a campaign focused on helping individuals find their inner light and providing them with an outlet to shine their light upon the lives of others- near and far. 

Father Joe Agostino CM, International Coordinator Vincentian Family Officesays: “We are dedicated to honoring, loving, and serving God by treating the impoverished, abandoned, and less fortunate with honor, love, and service. This is the core of who we are and it's the “why” behind our service- because we believe that together, we are light conductors. Together, we will shine brighter than we ever could on our own”. 
We encourage you and your network to visit our  website and sign up to serve, right where you are or at one of our communities found in another region. 

The goal of Vincentian Family is to have 500 volunteers sign up to serve by the start of Summer 2022. These volunteers can sign up long-term or short term, in any region of the world, with service opportunities in fields such as medicine and education, as well as feeding the hungry and taking part in clothing drives. 

Father Agostino says:  “When we give our time, resources, and compassion – we remind others of the light that they hold. For when we give, we are most like Him”.


Please help us share the light by spreading the word of the “Compassionate Hearts, Generous Hands” campaign with your network. You can also follow us on social media and spread the word across all platforms”.

Watch the campaign launch video HERE

“Now’s the time: Let’s shine brighter than ever, together”


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